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Chocolate and onion? It is possible

In Borgomanero, we found out "Audere", a promise in the world of chocolate.

Fabio Molinari - 12/01/2016

On the one side there is the onion from Cureggio, an excellence rediscovered by a fierce group of homemakers, encouraged by one of the local winners of the prize "faccino radioso”: Gianluca Zanetta, owner of the restaurant "La Capuccina" in Cureggio (Novara), that is one of the best agritourisms in Italy, according to the "Guida critica golosa" edited by Gatti and Massobrio. On the other side there are two young master chocolatiers, Diego and Riccardo, who founded the company Audere La Cioccolata (via E. Montale, 20 - tel. 0322 068181) in Borgomanero (Novara).

The name is a manifesto itself: the latin word "audere" means "to dare" in English. And mixing chocolate together with onion means daring to the utmost. It is a blend of chocolate from central and south America and Madagascar (72%) with golden onion from Cureggio and Fontaneto. The latter is a particular kind of vegetable: planted in February and picked in August, when dried in the sun, it lasts until the following spring. Of blond colour, it is appreciated in the kitchens for its aromatic and never aggressive note. Thanks to this sweet and aromatic flavour, it matches perfectly with chocolate: the taste of the onion does not appear immediately, but it is clear, with its sweetness, in the aftertaste, producing a very interesting balance. It is all enhanced by a packaging that makes it similar to an artwork: Audere packaging, in fact, is made by the artworks of Davide Preti, in art David Bart, an artist from Novara, who tells, through his portraits of blindfolded men, the drama of the multiplicity of modern men and of generations that follow one another leaving nothing behind, with the drama of the loss of identity. This time, the rediscovery of a variety of onion, helps men to find again their identity and, at the same time, helps to rebuild an early economy. Nowadays, the producers of this kind of onion that runs out very quickly, as Gianluca Zanetta says, are about 20. But also Audere chocolate is expanding more and more, after the enthusiastic partecipation to Expo 2015. In the menu there are the classical bars of dark chocolate (56% and 61%), single origin chocolate from Perù, dark single origin chocolate from Huganda and the spreads (extra dark, hazelnut and white chocolate). And the experimentation goes on. Daring.

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