Priscilla - Hotchocolate & Pudding

Weight: 130 gr / 4,58 OZ

Hot chocolate or Pudding? With PRISCILLA you can satisfy both your desires!

Only 3 ingredients of vegetal origin for a completely natural nutriment: Audere Cocoa, Buono Carnaroli* Rice Flour, raw sugar, WITHOUT ADDITIVES, GLUTEN FREE, easy and quick to make, dosed for 500 ml of milk**, 4/6 servings.

*Buono Carnaroli Rice Flour is obtained by the homonym variety cultivated in the Slow Town of Casalbeltrame by “La Mondina” Simple Agricultural Partnership -

**Milk of animal or vegetable origin.

Audere ltd, is committed to promoting local products; protecting biodiversity means respecting all the diversities of landscape, knowledge and culture.

It means promoting a balanced, lasting and sustainable system.

It means protecting farmers, the ones who know the delicate balance of Nature and work in harmony with the ecosystems.

It is possible to feed the Planet granting good and healthy food to everybody, restarting from biodiversities.