• burro di cacao audere


    Weight: 200 gr / 7,05 OZ

    Cocoa butter for cooking is a healthy alternative to oil and butter of animal origin; finely aromatic and with a high smoking point (230°C compared to 160°C of butter of animal origin and 210°C of extravergin oil). It has a very low cholesterol content and, deriving from cocoa, it is totally vegetal.
    SUITABLE FOR: people who want a healthy and totally vegetal alternative to condiments of animal origin, ideal for vegetarians and vegans.
    It does not contain gluten, lactose or soya.

  • granella di cacao audere

    Cocoa nibs Single Origin Venezuela

    Weight: 200 gr / 7,05 OZ

    Grains of single origin cocoa from Venezuela, Audere LACIOCCOLATA. Audere LACIOCCOLATA cocoa grains are an excellent source of minerals and iron, it can be considered a snack or be added to cakes, muesli or rubbed on grilled food.
    It gives every dish a crispy consistence, aromatic, with a light bitter aftertaste.
    INGREDIENTS: single origin cocoa grains elaborated with cocoa beans from Venezuela, fine aroma and taste of cocoa, fruit and almond.

  • cacao in polvere audere

    Bitter cocoa powder low fat Single Origin

    Weight: 160 gr / 5,64 OZ