Weight: 90 gr / 3,50 OZ

The successful coming together of two handicraft manufacturers from ALTOPIEMONTE (Audere LACIOCCOLATA & Panificio Pasticceria Piantanida) gave birth to our new product: IRRESISTIBILI. Simple by nature, with a unique and unmistakeable flavour; the most spontaneous and very sparkling portrayal of our way of being.

Fragrant waffles held together by a delicate Gianduia dark chocolate layer.

Our IRRESISTIBILI are baked on fire between two heavy cast iron plates. Through the baking at a very high temperature, they get a particular crispness and they naturally keep fresh for months.

They contain only raw sugar from sugar beets, which are grown and processed in Italy.

The perfectly roasted hazelnut is skilfully combined with the selection of single origin Ecuadorian cocoa, giving life to our dark Gianduia chocolate.