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Audere LACIOCCOLATA is a handicraft manufacturer, which started as a chocolate lab and is located in ALTOPIEMONTE.
With the transfer to the new production site in San Maurizio d'Opaglio (NO), it has started the production and sales of the new brands: Audere LIQUIDA and Audere MATERIA.

The manufacture of our products begins already with the unconditional search for authenticity.

A coexistence of local products with a series of processing and manufacturing processes.

Our recipe is simple: just a few essential and completely natural ingredients.


We only use the best cocoa beans, that we select manually, Single Origin Cocoa and cocoa butter of high quality.

Sugar is an essential ingredient for our production. Since we want to offer only the best quality to all those who appreciate our products, we do not use refined sugar.
We get this healthy and precious ingredient from the only Italian producer that grows sugar beets and produces raw sugar directly from them.

For some of our products, like the base for hot chocolate and pudding "Priscilla", we use the Carnaroli rice flour from the farming company Società Agricola La Mondina di Casalbeltrame, “Slow City” of the region Piedmont.

For our filled products, we use ingredients like dried fruits and dehydrated vegetables (that we dehydrate on our own); pollen and propolis from the apiculture of the Valsesia Valley, the Cureggio and Fontaneto Blond Onion (the only Slow Food Presidium in the province of Novara).
Our Hazelnut grow and thrive on the hills of Romagnano Sesia, close to areas of volcanic origins.
The unusual terroir gives them their natural good flavour, complemented by a mineral, slightly sapid aftertaste, which combined with chocolate turns into a real delight.
The cultivation area of our Hazelnut, with a strong wine-growing vocation, is included among the typical geographical indications of the DOC, Boca, Ghemme and Gattinara.

In our products containing this ingredient, we use the only powdered milk that is produced in Piedmont, with a completely traceable supply chain.

Audere LIQUIDA and Audere MATERIA

We manufacture Juices, Nectars and Compotes; our fruits grow in Italy and are harvested only during the period of natural ripening.
Thanks to the exclusive use of fresh ripe fruits, we can guarantee the highest quality of the raw materials and the adequate quantity of naturally contained sugars.
Thanks to the exclusive use of fresh ripe fruits, unlike the frozen ones, the richness and integrity of the dietary fibre as well as intact nutritional values are guaranteed.
The quantity of dietary fibre in fruits relates to its “variety” and it specifies the most suitable processing.
From the fruits rich of fibre we obtain soft and thick Nectars and smooth Compotes.
Thanks to this procedure, we can grant a fruit content higher than 50% in the Nectars and 70% in the Compotes.
From the fruits with lower fibre content, we obtain the Juices with a fruit content of 100%.
If necessary, we add to our Compotes some natural pectin as a thickener; we extract this pectin directly from oranges, lemons and green apples.

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